Dhakera Technologies has expertise in building mobile solutions

We work with different handhelds using the following Operating Systems: Apple iOS (iPad/iPhone), Google Microsoft Windows Phone OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile CE, and Web OS. We develop solutions the latest methodology and frameworks that allow for rapid deployment and sophisticated user functionality.

Our mobile solutions work in the disconnected wireless world whether it be 802.X, GPRS, CDMA/GSM, Bluetooth or just old fassion cradle synch mode. Data synchronization is programmed so as to ensure accuracy of data yet reduce load on the network, especially valuable in case of expensive and low bandwidth wireless connectivity.

Mobile Apps: We have experience in development Mobile apps and games to run on iPads, iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Phone OS, Android phones.

Enterprise Solutions: Our strengths lie in building custom handheld tools that integrate with Enterprise Solutions such as ERP systems, Sales force automation and CRM applications. Our significant experience using the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework means we deliver reliable solutions that target mobile web browsers across multiple devices.

Mobile Web Site Hybrids: We have extensive experience in developing mobile web site hybrids, which run from a web view within an native mobile application. Hybrid methodology offers many benefits such as storage, security amongst other features.

Mobile Web Site: Clients who wish to successfully compete in mobile world like to build websites to fit the small screen areas and use minimalistic design approach. User friendly design is the key to this medium.

We deliver high ROI for your mobility projects by selecting open standards based middleware and also by emphasizing performance issues while integrating with your existing IT systems

Cases in Point:

For a small retail chain, we built an iPad application that enables employees to bring information directly to customers. Designed for use in pawn shops, the application lets employees interact with customers as they shop, using the iPad to check relevant data such as layaway terms, financing options or pawn their goods. The application saves time and ensures data is accurate and up to date.