Construction and Testing

This phase deals with development ( coding) , Testing and implementation of the project. It involves the following activities:
  • Module Specification
  • Coding and Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • UAT
  • Project Monitoring
Activities Persons Responsibility Deliverables Remarks
Module Specs Developers/Technical Leads Module Specs Module Specification ( MS) is the most important part of the construction phase. A MS is prepared before coding of the module begins. It describes, the technicalities of the modules which includes Fields, Inputs, outputs, validations etc.. Module specs should be written by the developers but It is the responsibility of the team leader to ensure that the MS is correct and approved by him/her.
Coding and Unit Testing Developers Unit Test Plan and Modules for testing. Developers need to write unit test plan for the module before start coding the module. Coding will be based on the module specification and Developers need to follow the coding standards, in order to deliver a robust application. Developers must have to test using the unit test plan before delivering to the System Test team.
System Testing System Testers System Test Plan
System Test team must be provided with necessary documents before starting writing system plans. They are:
  • Functional Specification as approved by the client
  • Module spec to get the details of the module and validations
  • Any other relevant information ( if there is any)
Any defects will be handed over to the development team for fixing.
UAT End User/Client
Once system tested, the application will be deployed for User Acceptance Testing. As the users are going to user the application, It is very important that the users with proper business knowledge should test the application thoroughly before moving it to production.
Project Monitoring Project Manager
Project management is an integral part of the project and necessary at every phase of development, in order to smooth development and delivery of the project. The project manager will monitor the progress and keep the plan up to date.