This phase involves in making the end user, familiarise with the system through user training.
  • User Training
  • Post Implementation Review
Activities Persons Responsibility Deliverables
Deployment Deployment team Once the end user is happy with their testing, the application can be moved to production. The deployment team ( server team) will be responsible for the deployment of the application
User Training Developers/Technical Leads/Technical Writer User Guide. The project team will provide the user guide to the end user using which the users can use the system. Training through Skype If necessary, the project team can provide training remotely through Skype/Google talk etc. Onsite Training Orisys InfoTech can provide onsite training if there is a strong need from the client ( terms and conditions apply).
Post Implementation Review Development team
The Development team will monitor the system for 2 months after it goes live. This is to ensure that the system runs smoothly and business works without any problem.
Free Support Support Team
The support team will provide support for 3 months after the system goes live. In this period the development team will fix any defects if arises from the system.