Email Marketing

With Email Marketing its easy for you to connect with your customers, and for customers to share your message with their networks. And the more customers spread the word about your business, the more you grow.

Dhakera Technologies email marketing techniques ensure high open click and convert rates. We help you build and manage your email lists so that it does not result in unwanted spamming. This is achieved through efficiently segmenting the target audience and creating personalized email messages that are creative and interactive.

Here are the top 5 benefits of email marketing you fill find in Dhakera Technologies :

Increase your sales :

Using email marketing you can send a series of messages to your email subscribers, educating them about your products and services.

Increase your average order value :

For most industries email provides a great way to up-sell customers and can easily add up to 30% to your average order value when done correctly.

Generate repeat business :

Keeping in touch with customers regularly after they buy is a great way to generate repeat sales.

Increase your offline sales :

If you run an offline business and don't have a web site, email marketing is a great way to drive foot traffic through your door - just include your address so potential customers can find you

Gain honest, valuable feedback :

It's easy to get honest feedback about your products and services by simply asking and because email is a form of faceless communication, your subscribers will be more honest with you.